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Dealing with Troublesome Horses

As leaders, we can teach our horses to deal with anxiety caused by other horses or their environment.   What they learn is to release tension under pressure and focus or follow our direction and energy.  Throughout this, they build confidence and an ability to deal with high levels of pressure.  Thus, their herd problems decrease or disappear entirely, while at the same time their trust in you increases exponentially.

Leading to Leadership

Does it really matter where your horse is, or what he is doing when you’re leading him? It might not be a big deal to you, but the conversations that you have (or don’t have) when you’re leading him form the foundation of his entire social structure. It’s a big deal for your horse. With a little know-how you can use leading to form a corner stone of a solid leadership agreement with your horse – one in which he’ll trust you and follow, both in and out of the saddle.

alien planet - the false consensus effect

The False Consensus Effect in the Horse World

We make sense of the world using the information we have and our personal beliefs and values. We also have an expectation that everyone we interact with shares those beliefs and values. It’s called the False Consensus Effect. We even do this with horses! That leads to frustrated people with frustrated horses. Lets move beyond that!