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Dealing with Troublesome Horses

As leaders, we can teach our horses to deal with anxiety caused by other horses or their environment.   What they learn is to release tension under pressure and focus or follow our direction and energy.  Throughout this, they build confidence and an ability to deal with high levels of pressure.  Thus, their herd problems decrease or disappear entirely, while at the same time their trust in you increases exponentially.

Senior Horses

Winter is here and in the back of our minds we all have that little worry about our oldest horses. Will they be ok? Will they make it through another winter? How can I keep them feeling their best through the harshest weather? These questions especially arise when we think of the senior horses that are now pushing 30 years old. Obviously they have lived this long because of your amazing care in the first place, but how can we make sure they keep going strong for their last years?And??why are we dealing with these issues now since horses have been around for a very long time. Shouldn’t this all be old news?


In the context of horse training, we often hear the word release when it’s associated with pressure. There is another definition of release though, that when recognized has much more profound implications in your horse training regime.

Goodbye to a Horse

Yes, horses can break our hearts. Is it worth it? Without a doubt. Because if we, as horse-people, don???t go down that road of exploring a true connection with a horse, we???ve missed out on one of the most incredible experiences that life has to offer a human being.