That Special Horse – 2015 Contest Winners

Well after much deliberation (and some tears, apparently), the judges have finished going through all of your stories and the long awaited results follow!

But first…we have to give a big THANK YOU to our prize sponsors:

Brand Y Tack and Supply

Brandy has donated many great prizes for this contest. When in the Sylvan Lake area make sure you stop in for all of your equine needs, a smile and a cup of coffee!

Lisa Blanchard donated the horse blanket and provided contest advertising and promotion. Not to mention helping me build a rail fence!


Irvine Tack and Trailer has been a long time sponsor for our various activities and we’d like to thank them once again!



And we can’t forget ourselves. We’re sponsoring 2 spots in our Amazing Horse Country clinics this summer. Check out all the details here.

And second…we have to give a big THANK YOU to our contest Judges!

Choosing the Grand Prize winner is Monica Culic.

You’ll recognize Monica as the producer of The Horse’s Mouth TV, Calgary Stampede M/C, keynote speaker, published author and the owner of Equinicity Communications Inc.

Monica is also the proud owner of a Canadian mare named Secret.  Monica has a wealth of her own horse stories, too!

And…the additional judges were my own mom and dad. Two very special people in my life that have supported my ‘crazy’ decision to pursue horses as a career. They have been captivated by the beauty, power and irresistible charm of these amazing animals. They know a connection between a horse and a person when they see it – or read it!

So are you anxious yet? Did you even read any of that above? Or did you just scroll down here for the meat and potatoes of this post? Hmmm….I could keep everyone waiting another day.

But man – the Facebook posts I’d get if I did that!

Ok. I relent. Here you go.  Note – if you are a prize winner, we’ll be contacting you this week.

Grand Prize Winners of the 2015 “That Special Horse” Contest are:

The authors of the following two stories both receive a spot in the Amazing Horse Country Clinics this summer.

Echo, the Family Pony – by Gale Dodd Hayday

Gales story was engaging, well written and interesting. A real treat to read. Though the other contestants work was solid, Gales story captured the spirit of the relationship between a human and horse. She truly epitomized the purpose in your mandate: “that special horse.”

Merlin – by Susan Curnow

The first paragraph says it all: When you have a horse for any length of time, it becomes more than a horse but a family member. You understand its moods and quirks from a daily interaction that goes beyond pet.. Merlin was like that.

Most Likes

Big John, a True Gentleman – by Timmi Shorr

For the most liked story, Timmi wins $50 in Irvines Gift Certificates!

Runner-Up Prize Winners

Rocky – by Yvonne Miller
He was such a good teacher and so responsive to the riders, be they old, young, novice or experienced.
Yvonne wins the Weaver Barbed Wire Collection! This great looking set includes a matching headstall, breast collar, spur straps AND reins! Brown skirting leather highlighted with a crisp, deep hand stamped barbed wire pattern and stainless steel hardware.

Prize Sponsor: Brand Y Tack and Amazing Backcountry

The Gift of a Horse – by Natalie Axten
He taught Natalie that there is so much more to life – to relax, enjoy a wonderful horses and her surroundings.

Natalie wins a an EOUS Solid Fleece Blanket. An outstanding neckline sets the EOUS Solid Fleece Stable Rug out from the rest. The details make it ideal for show awards or to use at the show grounds, and yet the quality of the workmanship makes it perfect for everyday use as well!

Prize Sponsor: Lisa Blanchard.

Liberation – by Alana Goldney

Shows the tremendous healing power of horses.

Alana wins A Bridle Bag : Your bridles, bits and reins are worth a lot of money. Prevent them from getting snagged, scrached or covered in dust (or other horse things!) with this great bridle bag.

Prize Sponsor: Brand Y Tack

Alaska, My Heart’s Breath – by Sandy Bell

She was shown humility, courage, forgiveness and how quietness speaks volumes when communicating with horses.

Sandy wins a Hoofprint Framing Kit!  This is really cool and totally captures the spirit of this contest. You can take an imprint of your horses hoof! The kit comes with all you need including sand and your choice of wood frame.

Prize Sponsor: Brand Y Tack

Miss Lupita – by Cindy MacDiarmid

A horse that senses when people need her is a great comfort.

Cindy wins $50 in Irvines Gift Certifcates!
Shop in store or online at one of Canada’s biggest tack retailers.

Prize Sponsor: Irvine Tack and Trailers

Perfect Timing – by Leona Tompkins

The discovery of the power in the connection with a horse – by a person new to horses.

Leona wins a Framed Print – Four riders enjoying their horses with a sunset for a background. What could be better?  The print is framed with a barbed wire inset. Very artistic!

Prize Sponsor: Brand Y Tack

Head over Heels into Horsemanship – by Susan Larsen

Susan demonstrated some amazing ‘stick-with-it-ness’ with a horse through tough training episodes to serious health issues, and learned so much in the process.”

Susan wins $25 in Irvines Gift Certifcates!
Shop in store or online at one of Canada’s biggest tack retailers.

Prize Sponsor: Irvine Tack and Trailers

And that, my human and equine friends, is the end of our first contest of 2015! ??We heard more than one comment from story writers that this was a great opportunity to finally tell their story. We also heard, more than once, from the judges how hard it was to decide.

That says something.

We’ll see you on the trail!

Scott Phillips, Amazing Backcountry

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