alien planet - the false consensus effect

The False Consensus Effect in the Horse World

We make sense of the world using the information we have and our personal beliefs and values. We also have an expectation that everyone we interact with shares those beliefs and values. It’s called the False Consensus Effect. We even do this with horses! That leads to frustrated people with frustrated horses. Lets move beyond that!

scott and zeus

Peace in your Leadership

If your horse is calm with you – that might be fine if you are hanging out with him in the pasture. For practical riding though, it’s not enough. In this case your horse needs to find peace – that is safety, comfort and trust – as a function of your leadership, particularly when that is put to the test in a real-life environment.

Senior Horses

Winter is here and in the back of our minds we all have that little worry about our oldest horses. Will they be ok? Will they make it through another winter? How can I keep them feeling their best through the harshest weather? These questions especially arise when we think of the senior horses that are now pushing 30 years old. Obviously they have lived this long because of your amazing care in the first place, but how can we make sure they keep going strong for their last years?And??why are we dealing with these issues now since horses have been around for a very long time. Shouldn’t this all be old news?

The Obstacle Course – Focus and Follow

In any leadership position, be it a supervisor in an office, the Prime Minister or a horse rider, it’s desirable that those you are leading follow you. After all, that’s what leadership is, isn’t it? We also desire that our followers emulate us. To do as we do. To think as we think. To have people or horses commit to us as leaders we need to cause them to think that following us is the best ??? and most rewarding ??? option. An option that produces success and relieves them of their questions and worries.